Palestinians fire Katyusha at Ashkelon

Kassam also fired; one treated for shock; IDF kills launching crew.

Kassam Ashkelon 224.88 (photo credit: )
Kassam Ashkelon 224.88
(photo credit: )
One Katyusha rocket was fired at Ashkelon by Palestinian terrorists early Monday morning, causing one person to go into shock and slightly damaging surrounding buildings. A Kassam was also fired, landing in an open area north of Gaza and causing no damage. According to reports, the Katyusha rocket was of "Grad"-type. Soon after the rockets were fired, the IDF spotted and killed the terrorists as they tried to remove their launchers. A relative one of the dead, Mohammed Kasarna, claimed a group of Palestinian terrorists had set up a launcher in the area to fire rockets, but area residents told them to leave. As the militants were leaving, Kasarna claimed a tank shell hit the area, wounding a teenager, who later died. Two clansmen who went to his aid were killed when another tank shell struck, he said. Since hostilities broke out in the North on July 12, the number of Kassam rockets fired at southern Israel has declined.