Palestinians: IDF kills youth in W. Bank

Army says soldiers shot teen when he hurled Molotov cocktails at them; village resident: He was unarmed.

IDF jenin 224.88 (photo credit: AP [file])
IDF jenin 224.88
(photo credit: AP [file])
IDF troops shot and killed a Palestinian youth during a night patrol in a West Bank village, according to Palestinian reports Sunday. The IDF said a Palestinian attacked soldiers with two Molotov cocktails in the village of Tubas and the soldiers subsequently shot him. Ayman Abdel Razek, a resident of the village, said troops shot the 17-year-old after midnight Sunday. He said village youths often throw stones at army patrols at around that time but that the youth was unarmed. The Palestinian Red Crescent emergency service said the soldiers tried to resuscitate the youth but failed, and then turned his body over to Palestinian authorities. It was the second such incident in two days in the West Bank. On Friday night soldiers shot and killed another Palestinian 17-year-old who Israeli and Palestinian officials said was throwing Molotov cocktails at a West Bank patrol. The West Bank is not included in the rocky cease-fire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, which has been under way since June 19.