Palestinians: Settlers vandalize school near Nablus

"Greetings from the hills" spray-painted on walls; authorities suspect a another case of "price tag" revenge for demolition of Bat Ayin homes.

settlers throwing rocks 311 (photo credit: Btselem)
settlers throwing rocks 311
(photo credit: Btselem)
Palestinians from the village of Sawiye near Nablus reported on Wednesday that a warehouse was lit on fire and "greetings from the hills" was spray painted in Hebrew on one of the walls.
According to the Palestinians, settlers entered the village in the middle of the night and broke into a girls' school. They set ablaze a warehouse which stored sports equipment and furniture for the school.
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Students protested the vandalism in the village Wednesday morning.
Overnight Tuesday, security forces arrived at the settlement of Bat Ayin and the outpost of Mizpe Erez to demolish several structures that were illegally built. 
"It is inconceivable that Arabs build thousands of homes throughout Judea and Samaria, and the Jews, the true owners of the land of Israel, are expelled and frozen," said one of the Bat Ayin residents.
Security forces suspect the school vandalism was part of the "price tag" effort initiated by settlers as revenge for the demolition of settlement structures.