Palestinians wounded at Gaza fence

Protesters refuse to leave barrier area, wounded by IDF fire.

gaza strip land day protest 311 (photo credit: AP)
gaza strip land day protest 311
(photo credit: AP)
Six were wounded from IDF fire during a demonstration near the barrier fence around Gaza on Saturday, according to Palestinian sources.
The IDF confirmed Saturday afternoon that a force opened fire on a group of protesters at the barrier fence. According to IDF spokesperson the force identified only one person hit.
The Palestinians reported an international activist from Malta was lightly wounded from a bullet in her leg, and a young Palestinian woman was severely wounded from a shot that hit her stomach. Israel Radio reported the Maltese woman’s organization claims she was photographing the demonstration.
The IDF reported the group was protesting near Maghzi refugee camp incentral Gaza strip, the IDF unit that was called to the spot tried todisperse the demonstrators by shooting in the air, but once thisfailed, fired at the demonstrators’ lower halves.
The IDF stated the area was one were explosives had been planted andIDF units ambushed on numerous occasions, and it would not allowPalestinians to enter the area surrounding the fence as this endangersits soldiers.
Incidents have been multiplying along the Gaza border recently, IDF reports.