Panel okays law to refurbish gas masks

MK Yuval Steinitz (Likud), chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, announced on Tuesday that the committee had approved a law proposed by the IDF in which it would collect, refurbish and redistribute gas masks to the population. The decision came in order to bring the masks up to par with new technological standards. Similar bills had come before the committee three times in the past, but the MKs had declined to pass it on because the procedure proposed in the bills would leave too much time between collection and redistribution leaving the population exposed to a potential non-conventional strike. According to the new bill, however, the IDF would stock up on new masks before beginning the collection process, thus significantly cu tting the time during which citizens would be without their masks. The IDF estimated that the actual collection and redistribution would take between 4 to 6 days. The army has promised to initiate the program within two years.h
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