Parents may have killed Druse woman

The body of a murdered woman was found late Wednesday afternoon on a path leading to the IDF's Area 100, not far from Kibbutz Ayelet Hashahar in northern Galilee. Police forces, under the command of the Galilee Subdistrict commander, arrived on the scene. Initial investigation revealed that the woman was a 25-year-old resident of the Druse village of Rama. Police sources said that the woman had come with family members to a field near the kibbutz to gather edible greens. While they were in the field, a fight broke out among the family members, during which the woman was killed by members of her own family. Police suspect that either the woman's father or mother was directly responsible for the murder. Family members believed to be involved in the murder were apprehended shortly thereafter by police. Police sources said that the murder was believed to be an "honor killing," a phenomenon in Arab communities in which women are murdered by their relatives because the family believes that the woman's actions have besmirched the family honor. In April, five brothers from Lod were indicted for the murder of their younger sister, 19-year-old Rim Abu Ganem, in what also appeared to be an "honor killing." On October 22, a Druse woman was killed by three of her relatives for supposedly conducting an affair with a Muslim man. In an interview two weeks ago, a member of the Shfaram local council, Khanafis Farj, offered justification for the murder, telling a reporter for an Arab-language newspaper "what the girl did was something terrible and the result is in keeping with the mistake she made."