Parents to Peretz: Postpone enlistment

Say teacher strike could prevent students from finishing bagrut exams on time.

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Parents called on Defense Minister Amir Peretz on Monday to postpone the August 2007 army recruitment so their children could take their 12th grade bagrut exams, which will most likely be delayed due to the teacher strike that has been in effect for the past two weeks. Although the Secondary School Teachers' Union, which was protesting delays in salary and pension agreements, called off the strike last week, teachers still refuse to participate in activities that take place outside of regular school hours - including bagrut preparation classes. In a letter to Peretz, the National Parents' Association claimed that progress in negotiations between the teachers and the Finance Ministry was unlikely, and that additional teacher sanctions were expected over the next few weeks. As such, parents said, there was a chance that the students might not finish their bagrut exams before being inducted into the army - a situation that could lead to serious difficulties afterwards. "We want to make sure that the establishment is prepared to postpone the recruitment of entire grades as a result of the situation," the parents wrote to Peretz. According to Army Radio, the teachers' union sent a letter to parents on Monday morning saying that in light of the strike and the current sanctions, the school year could be extended and exams delayed as a result.