Parking dispute leads to murder in Holon

A 29-year-old man was stabbed to death in Holon on Tuesday following a dispute with a neighbor over a parking space - although the murder suspect had no vehicle of his own - a police spokesman told The Jerusalem Post. The incident began when Yosef Bavli parked his white van in an area claimed by the 35-year-old suspect, police said. The altercation ended in a fatal stabbing, and paramedics called to the area pronounced Bavli dead at the scene. A second man was rushed to the hospital with light wounds. The suspect was remanded in custody by police. As he was being transported by officers, he was heard shouting to journalists: "Want to see a murder? Come and look. This was self-defense. He blocked my parking space. What did you want me to do? One of them stabbed me in the face with keys. I answered with a hell of a stab." Investigators were looking into the possibility that the man was mentally unstable, but it was "too soon to reach any conclusions," Tel Aviv Police spokesman Avi Tzabari said. "Every murder is unnecessary, but a murder over a parking spot is especially senseless," Tzabari said. "We are taking statements from a number of people involved." Tzabari denied that lethal violence was increasing on the streets of cities in central Israel. "This is not part of any wider phenomenon," he emphasized.