Paz-Pines calls Peres Law a 'dangerous misstep'

Labor MK Ophir Paz-Pines said Saturday that he opposed the Peres Law, a proposal to change the balloting in presidential elections from secret to open. Paz-Pines, speaking at an event in Beersheba, said that "changing the rules mid-game" for the good of one candidate was a "misstep" that would endanger society and democracy. Paz-Pines said that if the change would affect only votes for future presidential candidates, and not apply to the current elections, he would consider supporting it. Both the position and the words of Paz-Pines, a candidate for Labor party chairman, echoed that of opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu, who told Israel Radio on Friday that while he had no particular objection to changing the system of balloting, changing the rules "mid-game" was "dangerous."