Peace Now calls for action on Sasson report

peace now 298 (photo credit: Blake-Ezra Cole)
peace now 298
(photo credit: Blake-Ezra Cole)
Peace Now held a demonstration on Wednesday opposite the Defense Ministry buildings in Tel Aviv to mark the one-year anniversary of the release of Talia Sasson's report calling for the removal of illegal outposts in the West Bank. Peace Now claims that since the report was published "not a thing has been done" to implement the recommendations. Peace Now director Yariv Oppenheimer spoke of Kadima candidate Avi Dichter's announcement this week regarding a unilateral disengagement from a number of West Bank settlements. "It does not give us massive hope," said Oppenheimer, "but we do hope that it will be part of a larger process." Dichter said Kadima would implement the plan within four years should it triumph in the upcoming elections. During the demonstration, protesters held aloft signs saying "Evacuate all outposts now." Previous protests against the outposts have involved Peace Now members actively tearing down a hilltop caravan, in an attempt to demonstrate the ease with which such sites could be removed.