Pearlman, Sitbon to meet attorneys

High Court rules in favor of petition for suspects' legal rights.

haim pearlman 2 311 (photo credit: screen shot)
haim pearlman 2 311
(photo credit: screen shot)
Right-wing terror suspects Haim Pearlman and David Sitbon will be allowed to meet with their lawyers starting Friday, High Court justice Edmond Levi ruled on Thursday.
"I was not convinced to prevent the [suspects] from meeting with lawyers. There is not enough to serve a goal that cannot be achieved after the petitioners are given the chance to meet with their defense lawyers," Justice Levi wrote in his ruling.
RELATED:2nd Pearlman case suspect arrestedSitbon's brother threatens suicidePearlman: Shin Bet told me to kill SalahSitbon's brother, David Sitbon, was arrested on Monday on suspicion of owning illegal weapons and stealing artillery from IDF bases. He allegedly aided Haim Pearlman in murdering Palestinians.
Haim Pearlman is suspected of four murders of Palestinians in the 1990s, as well as seven attempted murders.
Yossi Sitbon, brother of David Sitbon, who was arrested on suspicion of aiding alleged "Jewish terrorist" Haim Pearlman, has also been arrested, after threatening to commit suicide on Tuesday night if his brother was not allowed to see a lawyer.