Pedophile dressed as haredi arrested

Hungarian man wanted by Interpol for numerous sex charges.

hassidic hat 311 (photo credit: Illustrative photo)
hassidic hat 311
(photo credit: Illustrative photo)
The Interior Ministry’s special immigration and border control unit "Oz" on Wednesday arrested a 62 year-old Hungarian national in Jerusalem who had been wanted by Interpol for a number of years on pedophilia charges.
The man, who was dressed as a haredi Jew when authorities caught up to him, had been convicted in Hungary for pedophilia and sentenced to four years in prison.
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A note, which was written in Hebrew and addressed to children, was found on the man's person when he was arrested.
Authorities now intend to investigate his possible connection to additional cases of pedophilia in the Jerusalem area.
In 1998 the man was convicted of pedophilia against two children under the age of fourteen.
He was sent to prison in Hungary but later escaped and came to Israel as a tourist in 1999.
After spending time in Israel he met an Israeli citizen and married her, starting the process of obtaining citizenship in Israel.
He had worked in a large beverages company before he was arrested at his Jerusalem apartment.