Peres thanks Zubari for giving Israel pride with Euro gold

President congratulates winder surfer for bringing pride during difficult times.

Peres Zubari 311 (photo credit: Mark Neiman)
Peres Zubari 311
(photo credit: Mark Neiman)
President Shimon Peres set aside affairs of state on Tuesday morning to congratulate wind surfer Shahar Zubari for yet again “bringing pride to Israel during difficult times.”
Zubari for the second consecutive year came home with a gold medal from the European Championships.
This year, the competition was held in Poland; last year it was in Tel Aviv.
Peres congratulated Zubari at Beit Hanassi, and together with executive members of the Israel Sailing Association who accompanied him to Beit Hanassi, raised a glass to toast his victory.
Peres told the 23-year-old champion that it was his privilege to congratulate him in the name of the people of Israel on his impressive achievements.
“This is a wonderful personal accomplishment that also brings great pride to Israel, especially in Europe and especially during difficult times for Israel,” the president said.
Alluding to the protests ships trying to reach the Gaza Strip, Peres added: “You bring gold medals and others bring provocation.”
Peres asked the Eilat native about his childhood and learned that he had been drawn to the sea since age six, when his father threw him into the water and started to teach him professional surfing. It didn’t take him long to realize that surfing was the best way to duck the schoolroom, and what had started out as a hobby quickly became a profession.
Zubari confessed that any spare moment that he has is spent surfing, and training for the next championship.
“Surfing is an integral part of my life.”
Yehuda Mayaan, chairman of the Israel Sailing Association, said that not only Zubari is bringing honor and glory to Israel on the water. At the present time there are boats sailing in Turkey that are competing under the Israeli flag, and regardless of the outcome, are upholding Israel’s honor, he said.