Peres to be Kadima's presidential runner

Olmert: He's the man most perfectly suited for job; election set for June 13.

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Vice Premier Shimon Peres will be Kadima's sole candidate for president, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced at the Kadima faction meeting Monday. Olmert opened the meeting by saying he spoke to Peres a short while ago and that he would do everything in his power to make him the next president of Israel. "Peres is the man most perfectly suited for this job. His personal history and dedication to Israel has no comparison," Olmert said. Peres was unable to attend the meeting due to his wife's recent hospitalization. MK Yoel Hasson had already begun collecting signatures and said that he would pass on the sheet during the faction meeting. "We expect everyone here to sign and by the end of the day to officially submit Peres's candidacy for the position," he said. However, several Kadima MKs have already said they would not support Peres in his bid. MK Ze'ev Elkin had said he would support Likud candidate Reuven Rivlin and MK Marina Solodkin has promised support to Labor's Colette Avital. The presidential elections will be held June 13. Candidates have one more week to submit the 20 signatures required for candidacy however it is expected to be a three-way race between Avital, Rivlin and Peres.