Peretz hints he'll resign if war probe finds him responsible

Promises fallen troops' families they'll receive full report into summer's war in Lebanon by end of January.

halutz peretz 298 idf (photo credit: IDF)
halutz peretz 298 idf
(photo credit: IDF)
Defense Minster Amir Peretz met on Sunday with families of IDF soldiers who fell in the Second Lebanon War. When asked why he did not take personal responsibility for the war's outcome, Peretz answered that if the Winograd Committee finds him personally responsible he will "draw [his] own conclusions," hinting that he could resign from his position. During the meeting, the parents protested about the fact that senior officers had not taken responsibility for the war's failings, to which the defense minister responded that he was not going to "wrap all the blame" around Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz. Peretz promised that by the end of January the families would receive the full report into the fighting as well as the compensation payments they were entitled to.