Peretz says strike on Iran should be led by US

Former Defense Minister pining for rematch against Barak.

Peretz 224.88 (photo credit: AP)
Peretz 224.88
(photo credit: AP)
Former defense minister Amir Peretz suggested this week that if an attack is made against Iran, it should be conducted by an international force under the leadership of the United States. In an interview with The Jerusalem Post published in today's UpFront Magazine, Peretz said sanctions had not been enough to prevent Iran's nuclearization and that it was up to Israel to persuade the world that the threat from Teheran was real. "Israel must do everything possible to ensure that those who take the step will be international forces and the main international force is American," Peretz said. "America must decide what operations are necessary to stop Iran's nuclearization." "At the moment of truth, America will be with us," Peretz said. But he addressed the possibility that Israel would be left alone against a nuclear Iran. "We have to say that we won't hesitate to use any means that could prevent this threat. If we end up alone against the Iranian threat it would not be good. But if we get there, I am sure we would have the ability to give the proper answer," he said. Peretz's successor in the Defense Ministry, and as chairman of Labor, Ehud Barak, also threatened Iran at a meeting of the party's executive committee in Tel Aviv. "Israel is the strongest country in the region, and we have proven in the past that we are not deterred from acting," Barak said. "But we must be responsible and we aren't acting in a vacuum. We are not immune to retaliation and we must consider this as well." Peretz criticized Barak on many issues and said he was considering demanding that another Labor primary be held ahead of the next general election, especially if the party does not rise in the polls from the 14 seats currently forecast. It currently has 19 MKs "We cannot allow a party leader to think the party is his personal property," Peretz said. "I don't rule out working for a new primary in Labor, and if the polls continue the way they are now, I have no doubt that we would need to work to ensure that we will have a new chairman. When a general election is called, I will consider demanding elections for Labor leader."