Peretz: Strengths and weaknesses

peretz mics 298 AJ (photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski [file])
peretz mics 298 AJ
(photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski [file])
Strengths: Charisma Peretz has tons of charisma, is a colorful orator, at least in Hebrew, and has proven that he knows how to run and win an election race. Crusader against poverty In addition, he has single-handedly brought the socioeconomic issue to the forefront of the Israeli political agenda, and more than any other candidate has made poverty the focal point of the upcoming elections. If any one of the candidates were to battle poverty, it would be Peretz. Team player To his credit, Peretz has all but admitted that regarding issues of security he would lean greatly on the counsel of more seasoned advisors. The fact that Peretz does not flaunt a rich military resume will not deter those Israelis who are not convinced that a former general necessarily knows what's best. Beware of the dove Ironically, it is Peretz's position as a dove that makes him the most likely to deal harshly with any physical threat that Israel may encounter, and get away with it. Weaknesses: Can he deal with a major crisis? Peretz has no experience dealing with international affairs, let alone existential crises. This is a scary proposition for the Israeli voter who simply does not know what kind of mettle he is made of. Bad English Peretz could never talk with a US president because he doesn't know English. Fine, that's what translators are for. But his English is atrocious and the Israeli public is not prepared for four years of cringing while holding their collective breaths every time he takes the podium. Lack of experience He has never been a minister, and mayor of Sderot and leader of the Histadrut Union Federation don't count. In fact, the only experience that the "strike king" has is in shutting down the country while protecting the interests of already strong worker's unions while neglecting the unaffiliated Israeli laborer.