Peretz: Whoever hit Haifa will pay a heavy price

Defense Minister Amir Peretz said Sunday that Israel will not stop its offensive in Lebanon until "the reality changes," adding that it will continue to target the sources of guerrilla rocket fire into northern Israel. However, Peretz added, Israel will not reoccupy Lebanon, nor will it stay there for the long term. Speaking at a meeting with officials in Haifa, where eight people were killed Sunday in a missile strike, Peretz promised that the army would continue to fight Hizbullah to stop the attacks on northern Israel. "We've no intention of stopping this campaign until the reality has changed," he said. "Whoever hit Haifa will pay a heavy price." Peretz also urged Israelis to be strong, remain calm and have patience, while the army continued its offensive to try to stop the rocket fire. "Every source of fire will be dealt with," he said.