Petition to end woman's life support denied

Tel Aviv District Court President Uri Goren refused on Wednesday morning a request by the family of Tina Levy, 60, to disconnect her from feeding machines. Levy suffers from severe brain damage as a result of cardiac arrest episode six years ago. While Levy cannot communicate with those around her, she is fully conscious and breathing on her own, Army Radio reported. Attorney General Menahem Mazuz opposed the family's request, arguing that if the woman were disconnected from the machines, she would die a painful death from hunger, and not from her condition. Goren accepted Mazuz's position. Levy has not made a will, but her attorney, Yitzhak Hoshen, submitted 10 affidavits from the patient's relatives stating that Levy is not interested in remaining alive in her current condition. Levy's family announced that they intend to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court.