PM doesn't need Knesset approval to give PA armored cars, state tells court

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert decided to authorize the transfer of 25 armored vehicles to Palestinian security forces after consulting Defense Minister Ehud Barak and officials in the security establishment, and was not required to seek the approval of the cabinet or the Knesset in doing so, the State Attorney's Office said on Tuesday. The state was responding to an appeal filed against the decision at the High Court of Justice by the Tikvah party. "Since the Prime Minister's decision was a political one, and pertains to the continuous management of the government as part of its relationship with the Palestinian Authority, there is no legal obligation to bring the issue up for discussion in the Knesset," the state said in its response. The state requested that the court reject the appeal, adding that the it was based solely on information publicized in the media, and that no attempt was made by the appealing party to check the details with the appropriate authorities.