PM: 'Gov't knows how to care for security'

Says Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, during Mimuna celebrations featuring politicians in the South.

olmert it was huge 224  (photo credit: GPO)
olmert it was huge 224
(photo credit: GPO)
Israel is aware of the dangers that it is faced with and the government will know how to counter those threats, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Saturday night. "It is not easy to grapple [with these threats], and we cannot bring about a complete and comprehensive solution to all of the threats with one move," Olmert said during post-Pessah Mimuna celebrations [marking the end of Passover, generally celebrated by Jews of North African descent] in Ofakim. "These things are not managed all at once and are part of an ongoing process," the prime minister said. Olmert, however, expressed his confidence in Israel's ability to defend itself. "Without being arrogant, God forbid, I think that today we can say that the Israeli people have a government that can defend it; that it has leadership that knows how to care for its people's security and future," he said. Regarding the peace process with the Palestinians, the prime minister emphasized the need to apply the utmost caution before signing an agreement. "We will continue to make every effort to improve the chances of reaching diplomatic agreements," he said. "Before the elections our government got up and publicly committed itself in this matter." Olmert continued: "It isn't easy, and it isn't simple; we must be extremely cautious and sober and we definitely must not be tempted with false illusions. But we [also] must not let an agreement that will ensure the security and stability of the State of Israel pass us by." In Ofakim the prime minister was accompanied by Public Security Minister Avi Dichter, Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz, Housing Minister Ze'ev Boim and Finance Minister Ronny Bar-On. Later, Olmert attended the festivities at Kadima's headquarters in Ashkelon. He told the attendants that he had come to tell the residents that the government had not forgotten that its primary responsibility was to ensure the security of Israel's citizens. "We have the might and the power to ensure Israel's security and prosperity," the prime minister declared. "We have experienced terrorism in other areas and curbed it as a result of the brave and consistent action of all of Israel's security forces."