Pnina vows to bring voters back to Likud

Cosmetics queen Pnina Rosenblum launched her reelection campaign for the Knesset on Monday with a political gathering for Likud central committee members at her luxurious Ramat Gan home. Rosenblum invited all 3,000 committee members to her home and even posted an invitation on the Likud central committee Internet portal, Likudnik. A modest hundred members arrived, including Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom and his wife Judy, and Ra'anana deputy mayor Uzi Cohen. Earlier, in the Likud's central committee meeting at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds, Rosenblum personally handed NIS 50 bills with her picture on them. The number 50 was intended to remind members of the nearly 50,000 votes she received when she ran on her own for Knesset in 1999 with the Pnina Rosenblum party. "The nation is confused right now but they will come back to the Likud," Rosenblum said in her home, standing between her large piano, a giant silver hanukkia and a massive statue of a dog. "I believe in the Likud. Just like the Pnina Rosenblum brand name cannot be defeated, neither can the brand name of the Likud." Rosenblum promised to work to fight "problems like poor children, drugs and alcohol."