Police arrest 2 mosque arson suspects

Arrest of minors in connection with vandalism at Yassuf follows raid on yeshivot earlier this week.

Police and Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) arrested two minors overnight Tuesday in the 'Dorshei Yihudayich' yeshiva, on suspicion that they were involved in setting fire to a mosque in the Arab village of Yassuf on December 11 2009, Army Radio reported.
Three days ago, large forces raided the dorms in the yeshiva as well as the dorms of 'Od Yosef Hai' yeshiva and arrested five people there. Police asked to extend the remand of four of the five arrested and an appeal against their detention was in the works.
Army Radio reported that the arrests on Wednesday may point to the investigation making progress.
On Monday, police said Zvi Sukkot and Eliran Algali from Yitzhar and Shlomo Gilber of Eilon Moreh, all 20-years-old, were suspected of vandalism against Palestinian property. Several weapons were found in the possessions of the three youths.
The security establishment has suspected for a long time that the aforementioned yeshivot house a hard core of extreme right wing activists, who implement the 'price tag' policy, taking revenge against the Palestinians for activities they consider are being done against them by the government.