Police arrest two senior crime family members for contracted killing

Police arrested two high-ranking members of a Taibe crime family ten days ago on suspicion of ordering the killing of an associate of a rival family. Hamzi and Hadar Abd al-Qadar were arrested ten days ago for putting out a contract on Wasim Salama, an associate of the rival Hariri family. The two families have a murderous history between them, during which dozens of people have been killed in recent years. Salama, who was close to the Hariri family, was kidnapped in June 2007 during a "car accident." His body was recovered six months later. Four "soldiers" said to have acted on Hamzi's and Hadar's orders in exchange for NIS 50,000 were also arrested. Police said the hit was ordered using the code "renovation," adding that the hit squat was dubbed "the renovators."