Police ask for public's help in Sela investigation

The central unit of Tel Aviv District Police, investigating the escape of convicted serial rapist Benny Sela, made public on Monday several items of stolen property found in Sela's possession, in hopes of identifying from which houses they were stolen. The stolen items that were recovered - a red 'Everest' brand sleeping bag, a blue 'Outdoor' brand backpack, a map used for wind-gliding and a dagger with a black handle, were found in a stolen car Sela used during his escape. Police hoped that the easily distinguishable nature of the items would lead their former owner or owners to report their theft and thus arrive at a more conclusive chronology of Sela's two-week escape from arrest. In what police considered a non-cooperative interrogation, Sela did disclose that he had tried to contact a relative in the North but could not get through to her, and that he had lived on fruit and vegetables he picked in farms in the North.