Police ban suspect from Yitzhar, search for two others in car attack

Police have released a minor arrested on Sunday for suspicion of taking part in a rock attack on a Palestinian vehicle, which left a mother and her daughter injured. Falastin Said Ma'ali, 31, who is six months pregnant, and her daughter Hadil Hazam Ma'ali, seven, were taken to Tel Aviv's Ichilov Hospital after being transferred by the Civil Administration of Judea and Samaria from a Nablus hospital to receive treatment for their injuries. The minor has been banned from entering Yitzhar for the next five days, police said on Tuesday. Two other suspects are wanted by authorities in connection with the attack. Police declined to discuss the precise suspicions against the minor due to his age, but a Judea and Samaria spokesman told The Jerusalem Post that "he would not be under arrest unless it's absolutely vital to making progress in the investigation. A release would prevent us from progressing." The youth was likely distanced from the settlement due to police fears that he would disrupt the investigation into the incident by communicating with the other suspects.