Police claim efforts leading to drug ‘drought’

Cops make another large drug bust.

hash 311 (photo credit: Israel Police)
hash 311
(photo credit: Israel Police)
Netanya Police on Tuesday night arrested a 26-year-old local resident for possession of 12 kilograms of hashish. Police made the bust after they saw the man allegedly trying to stash garbage bags in shrubs in a city park.
Upon investigation, police discovered that the bags contained large bricks of hashish. According to police, due to a current nationwide shortage of the drug, the relatively large seizure had nearly double its ordinary street value.
A spokesman for the Netanya police told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday that police had never  seen a shortage this serious in Israel, a phenomenon he attributed to heightened police efforts.
“We’ve never seen a season like this, where there was this sort of drought in the hash market,” he said.
“We see the talkbacks online showing how frustrated people are by theshortage and we take it as a compliment that we’re doing our job,” thespokesman added.
In a separate incident, on Tuesday night in Givatayim a 20-year-old manwas arrested after CCTV cameras in a local park caught him on tapesmoking marijuana in his car. A municipal dispatch officer observed theact on video and sent police and municipal security guards to thescene, where they arrested him.
In recent months, Givatayim city officials have placed a network ofCCTV cameras in parks across the city. This past March, police arrestedfour people, all in their 20s, whom cameras caught rolling a joint in apark.