Police detain Al-Jazeera news team in Haifa

The Israel Police on Sunday detained an Al-Jazeera news team after it broadcast live footage which disclosed the area of Sunday's deadly Katyusha attack in Haifa, in violation of military censorship rules, police and security officials said. Eight people were killed and dozens were wounded in the mid-morning attack, the most lethal Hizbullah rocket attack since Israel's withdrawal from South Lebanon six years ago. The station's Israel correspondent, Elias Karram, was among those detained by police. The media stationed in Israel has been instructed not to broadcast the exact location of the Hizbullah rocket attacks, so as not to help the Lebanese-based terror group refine targeting for future attacks. The longstanding security regulations have been accepted by Al-Jazeera when they opened their office in Israel. But, the police spokeswoman said, the crew broadcast live during the rocket attack from a nearby observation post. It was warned not to do so again.