Police keep lid on unsolved murders

Police made arrests and issued indictments Wednesday in some of the many open murder cases that have recently captured headlines, but no developments were registered in two of the most high-profile files - the Tuesday murder of Dr. David Niv and the month-old investigation into the killing of 17-year-old Ma'ayan Ben-Horin. Both the Niv and Ben-Horin cases are being investigated under court-issued gag orders, which prevent the media from reporting developments. The only information that Tel Aviv police were willing to offer was that the investigation into Niv's murder would be run by detectives from the elite Tel Aviv Central Investigative Unit [CIU], which has also recently been tasked with solving a number of other difficult-to-crack murders in the district. The Acre Magistrate's Court, however, lifted on Wednesday the gag order on the month-old murder case probing the death of Carmiel resident Shai Marli. Marli, 34, was murdered in January, and the investigation was gagged within hours of the discovery of his body. Police announced that an indictment would be filed in the Haifa District Court on Thursday morning against two men suspected of murdering the Carmiel resident. Police believe that the two suspects met Marli the evening of his death, and that the three may have returned to Marli's house, where they began to drink. At some point, police said Wednesday, the two murdered Marli, and stole his cash and credit cards. According to investigators, the two used the victim's credit cards to make purchases following the murder. Galilee Subdistrict Police said that on Thursday, district attorneys were expected to deliver another indictment - this one against the suspected murderer of Acre resident Shadi Abd el-Hadi. Not to be upstaged, Tel Aviv police also announced that they had made an additional two arrests in connection with a murder that occurred in Jaffa's Rehov Michelangelo last Saturday. Police said that the two new suspects, both 19-year-olds from Jaffa, were brought to the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court for a remand hearing Wednesday. Police also requested an additional remand extension for three women arrested in the course of the investigation on suspicion that they were accomplices. Thus far, police have arrested seven people - four men and three women - in connection with the Saturday murder. Police said that they believe that the murdered man had been living in his apartment illegally, and that the murder may have had something to do with the neighbors' desire that he vacate the premises.