Police officer suspected of smuggling

Man allegedly used info on IDF patrols to bring in drugs and tobacco from Egypt.

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The Haifa District Court on Tuesday indicted Baadi Bisan, an operations officer in the Ramon Border Police, and IDF noncommissioned officer Abu Rouse, a Beduin resident of the Negev, on suspicion of spying and smuggling large quantities of drugs and tobacco from Egypt to Israel this past year. Bisan, 33, a resident of Gath, reportedly became acquainted with Rouse while serving in the South. According to the indictment, Bisan allegedly passed Rouse intelligence about IDF patrols and lookouts as well as information on new equipment positioned on the Israel-Egypt border to prevent smuggling. The information reportedly allowed the two to move large shipments of different drugs, mainly hashish, as well as contraband cigarettes. In one instance, Bisan allegedly used an IDF jeep for smuggling. He released his driver, traveled to the Egyptian border and loaded the merchandise. Bisan had been on patrol at the time and had received reports on the drug exporters' whereabouts from IDF and Border Police scouts, who were working to stop such activity. In another incident, when the soldiers on duty spotted suspicious movement, Bisan reportedly told them they were imagining it, enabling drugs to be smuggled across the border. Prosecutor Moshe Sada will request that the two be remanded in custody until the end of legal proceedings. Sada wrote that there was substantial evidence proving that Bisan notified Rouse of IDF and Border Police positions and on the location of Israeli security cameras.