Police photographer caught Sela abuse

Took controversial photos despite orders not to document capture, probe shows.

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The anonymous cameraman who caught the humiliation of serial rapist Benny Sela on film during the criminal's capture earlier this month was none other than the official police photographer, Army Radio reported Sunday morning. The Northern District special investigator charged with looking into the circumstances of the controversial photos, which showed police parading Sela around after the capture in what has been termed a "media circus," found that F.-Sgt. Meir Vanunu went against orders not to document the event and headed down to the police station on his own to take the pictures. According to the investigator, Vanunu went into the room where Sela was being held and, among other things, photographed the police holding onto the fugitive and smiling. When police discovered that Vanunu was behind the photos, he claimed he had passed them on to his brother, who had given them to the press without his permission or knowledge. The findings of the probe were handed over to the police spokesperson and the police's investigative committee for press relations. It was speculated that Vanunu would be dismissed from his job in light of the photo fiasco.