Police raise alert ahead of holidays

Cmdr. Berti Ohayon: "We did not skimp on manpower to protect the celebrations."

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The Israel Police declared a heightened state of alert ahead of Tuesday's Remembrance Day, which begins on Monday evening, and Wednesday's Independence Day, beginning on Tuesday evening. Most of the deployment was in the major cities and along the security fence. A senior police officer said Monday that a special emphasis will be placed on preventing airborne attacks
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Border Police will increase the enforcement of the closure declared on the West Bank, particularly through searches for Palestinians infiltrating into Israel. Thousands of police and volunteers will secure Remembrance Day ceremonies, memorial sites and cemeteries, while forces will secure Independence Day celebrations and entertainment sites. In addition to the security arrangements, police will maintain a heightened presence on the country's roadways, with traffic police patrol cars spread out nation wide as Israelis take advantage of the balmy weather and hit the roads. The police's traffic control center will keep the public updated throughout the day by issuing regular announcements to radio sources. Police head of operations Cmdr. Berti Ohayon said that the security establishment had over 80 mostly non-specific alerts of terror attacks planned for the holidays. Speaking to Israel Radio, Ohayon called on the public to go out and celebrate Independence Day, emphasizing that the police were well-prepared to protect the celebrations. "We did not skimp on manpower to protect the celebrations," he said. The police were also planning to host a special open day for the general public at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds in honor of Independence Day. Special police forces including undercover counter-terror specialists, hostage-rescue teams, helicopter and marine units, and K-9 forces will be featured during the festival, which will be held from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Wednesday. The police orchestra and police musical units will perform throughout the day, and many activity stations for children, including paintball rifles, will also be operating. The Jerusalem District will also hold an open house on Wednesday afternoon.