Police remain on high alert nationwide

Forces deployed at the entrances to major cities, entertainment spots, local markets.

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police 88
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Police kept up their heightened state of alert on Thursday, with police forces deployed at the entrances to major cities, entertainment spots and local markets in expectation of an escalation in terror attacks against Israeli cities in response to the assassination in Gaza late Thursday night.

Police raised the level of alert to Level 3 - one notch before a total state of emergency - on Wednesday following the suicide bombing in Hadera, which killed five people and wounded over 50.

In cooperation with the IDF, which has imposed a closure on the territories, police will beef up forces around seam line communities with the West Bank and other areas such as the Hebron Hills that are not blocked off by the security barrier. Senior officers noted that areas such as the South and the Sharon region were particularly vulnerable due to the delay in the construction of the security barrier.

"We expect the Palestinians to continue trying to attack us," head of Police Operations Asst.-Cmdr. Kobi Cohen said. "Every place and city is vulnerable since there is no such thing as hermetically sealing off the territories. Once a bomber is within the Green Line he can get wherever he wants."

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