Police stop Marzel from entering Sakhnin

Dozens of right-wing activists stopped in attempt to enter Arab city to point out illegal construction.

baruch marzel 88 (photo credit: )
baruch marzel 88
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Police prevented right-wing activists Baruch Marzel and Itamar Ben-Gvir, and dozens of their supporters, from entering the city of Sakhnin on Tuesday after they said they wanted to highlight illegal construction in the Arab sector. "Sakhnin is a good example of the fact that in the Arab street today it is permitted to break the law, to build without a license and to attack football supporters, and nobody does anything," Marzel said in an interview. However, the Mossawa Center, an Arab advocacy group, condemned Marzel's actions. "The Mossawa Center rejects any attempt to compare extreme right-wing invaders and conqueror, ie the settlers, with Arab citizens, who are located on their own land and build on it," it said. Marzel's attempt to enter the city followed last week's violent evacuation of nine houses in the outpost of Amona, where over 250 people were injured in clashes between the police and protestors trying to stop the demolition of the buildings. Marzel was stopped at the entrance to Sakhnin, where he gave interviews to the press and then left the area, a police spokesman said. The activist said that although he arrived with what he said were about 150 supporters, he had no intention of provoking any clashes and didn't believe the group could be seen as threatening. "The police said there is a fear that the Arabs will go wild and therefore they didn't allow us to pass," Marzel said. The Mossawa Center said Marzel and his supporters were armed, a claim he denied.