Police suspect mother accused of drowning 4-yr-old son injured him before

Police are investigating the possibility that Olga Borisov, arrested Friday morning on suspicion of drowning her four-year-old son at Bat Yam beach, has attempted to take his life in the past. During questioning she reportedly told police that she had killed the boy as he suffered from concentration and attention problems. According to the new allegations, Borisov injured her son, Alon, during a visit to Russia, to the point that he needed medical treatment and physiotherapy on returning to Israel. When questioned about the incident she claimed that it was an accident. Borisov was sent for psychiatric observation, to evaluate whether she would be fit to stand trial, Army Radio reported. Alon's father, Ilan Yehuda, was released from custody Saturday, despite his remand having been authorized until Sunday afternoon. Police forbade him from making contact with Borisov's family.