Police suspect mother in severe abuse of baby

42-day-old infant still hospitalized with head injuries, broken ribs.

The mother of an infant hospitalized with life-threatening injuries is likely responsible for the baby's wounds, Tel Aviv police told The Jerusalem Post Sunday evening. The baby, just 42 days old, is suffering from internal head injuries and broken ribs. He was taken to the hospital by his parents last Thursday, and doctors contacted the police after discovering the extent of his injuries. "The parents are still under arrest. Tomorrow morning, we will extend their custody," Mesubim Police Station commander Ch.-Supt. Ami Dahan told the Post. "We haven't completed the investigation, but after interrogating several people, everything leads to the mother at this point." In the next few days, police will check whether the mother is in sound mental condition, he said. "I've never seen anything like this in my life," Dahan said, after describing the baby's injuries. "It's a very difficult sight to encounter." He said the baby's family has a long history of abuse. A second son, now aged four, suffered a broken hand and had hot soup poured on him when he was much younger, Dahan said, adding, "These two cases are very similar." The family has been closely monitored by welfare service officials, who said that the parents had treated their children reasonably during the past eight months. No welfare representative checked up on the family last week, when the baby's most severe injuries are thought to have occurred. The baby remains in intensive care.