Policewoman and traffic offender injured in Tiberias police chase

A policewoman and a traffic offender were injured Saturday during a police chase in Tiberias. The chase began when policemen attempted to stop a BMW driving erratically through the streets. The driver fled and police gave chase, but things quickly became more complicated when a second vehicle entered the picture and tried to delay police and help the second driver escape. Police set up roadblocks and spikes at the city limits and both cars had their tires punctured. This was enough to stop one of the vehicles - the second to enter the chase. While its driver then managed to escape on foot, another occupant was arrested. The BMW surprisingly managed to drive on, and was only stopped at a second roadblock at Beit Rimon junction, where it hit a police car. The policewoman and the car's driver were lightly injured in the crash. The driver and a second occupant were arrested. All three offenders are residents of Kafr Kanna.