Poll shows Orlev besting Elon as right-wing leader

National Union leader MK Benny Elon dismissed a poll showing him coming in second on a joint list with the National Religious Party, falling behind the NRP chairman MK Zevulun Orlev by 11 percent. It's been assumed that Elon would top such a list since Orlev was sharply attacked by settlers over the last year for not exiting the government fast enough following the government's approval of the disengagement. Thursday's poll done among National Union and National Religious voters showed, however, that 33 percent supported putting Orlev in the top slot, 21 wanted Elon and another 13 preferred MK Effi Eitam. It's premature to speak of who would top the list, given that the negotiating teams are hammering out the terms of the joint Knesset list, said Elon. What's important is that the two parties agree on the terms by which they can jointly run.