Polls show Barak's popularity falling

Labor chairman Ehud Barak's popularity has fallen consistently since he won the Labor leadership race and became defense minister in June, a Gal Hadash poll broadcast Thursday on Channel 10 revealed. The poll found that 49 percent of Israelis were unsatisfied with Barak's job performance and only 30% were satisfied. The percentage of Israelis satisfied with Barak has fallen from 53% just six months ago. Support for Likud leader Binyamin Netanyahu and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has grown. Asked who should be prime minister, 35% said Netanyahu, 13% Barak and 10% Olmert. A separate poll taken by Ma'agar Mohot for Israel Radio asked Israelis for their man of the year for 2007. A hefty majority chose President Shimon Peres over Olmert, Netanyahu and Barak. Only four percent of respondents said Barak, both among the general public and among Labor voters.