'Post' readers flood Shalits with words of support

Shaji from India said he would "pray to the Almighty for the safe release of Gilad.

praying for shalit 298  (photo credit: AP)
praying for shalit 298
(photo credit: AP)
Thousands of messages of support for the family of Cpl. Gilad Shalit have come pouring in to The Jerusalem Post Internet Edition, JPost.com, ever since his abduction from an IDF post outside the Gaza Strip a week and a half ago. Readers from around the world have sought to ease the family's pain and to strengthen them during their ordeal.
  • To read all readers' prayers for Gilad, click here Yerachmiel Tockar of Sydney wrote that members of Bnei Akiva "are praying for Gilad every day and wish you much chizuk [strength] and hope!" Levi Attias from Gibraltar sent "my prayers for Gilad's swift return to his family." Attias also wrote that the Jewish community held prayers for Shalit "and he continues to be in our thoughts." Norma Nicolas from the Philippines was "praying to the Lord Almighty for the safe release of Shalit. I pray for shalom, peace for Jerusalem." Jacqueline and Asher Benitah from Gabon wrote to us in French, saying, "We wish with all our heart that Gilad leaves this situation peacefully" and offering "courage to the family." Shaji from India said he would "pray to the Almighty for the safe release of Gilad, and at the same time shared in the sorrow of Gilad's father, mother, brothers and sisters." Stephan from Germany urged the family to read Psalm 121 and take courage. Sally Isaac of Menorca, Spain, was praying to God "for Gilad, and for peace for Israel, Palestine and all who are suffering and imprisoned in the name of freedom from terrorist extremism." Nurul Alam from Bangladesh was "Praying to Allah for [Gilad's] safe return and also for his family to be strengthened." Leah and Ronnie Chorn from South Africa prayed that "Hashem bless Gilad and his family in this very difficult time." Writing from England, Ruth Lerner felt "so very sorry about your missing son," and wished the family to know that "my heart and love go to you all in your hours of need." She added her hope for "a very quick and happy solution for you." Another writer from the UK, said in the name of "Christians who regularly stand by Israel and the Jewish people in prayer." He added, "We are praying for Gilad's safety and release. Our prayers are also with Gilad's parents." Jan Henneli of Norway, who described himself as a "fellow soldier," said he would "pray for [Gilad's] rescue." Mette Frank of Denmark was "Praying for the young man with the beautiful eyes," and wanted to express "my warmest thoughts and deepest feelings to Gilad first of all and then to his family. I cannot begin to know what you're going through, but your son and brother is in my prayers." Rafi Porath from Canada remembered that "It was only yesterday that, at 19, I felt like a man in the Israeli army. Being a father today, I see Gilad as a child, a wonderful son to you and to Israel." He concluded by praying "for his quick and safe return into your midst. Amen."