Pot smokers complain to A-G of police persecution

Complaint cites well-known recent arrests.

Hash stash (photo credit: Israel Police)
Hash stash
(photo credit: Israel Police)
A special needs center manager was detained by police after officers found him in possession of hashish on Monday following a search of his home in the Sharon area.
The man, whose center operates under the Welfare and Social Services Ministry, was questioned after officers and sniffer dogs combed the man’s apartment, locating a small quantity of hashish in a cupboard.
On Sunday, a group of dozens of marijuana activists sent a letter to Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein, calling on him to order police to end what they described as “persecution” against them.
“I am 32, an army reserve officer, manager of a government network, and hold a BA from the Hebrew University – in short, an ordinary person and a contributing citizen and taxpayer. Unfortunately, the taxes I pay are used to persecute me and turn me into a criminal, even though I have never harmed anyone,” the letter read.
The letter went on to say that police were stepping up searches of private homes, adding that officers were acting on tipoffs from neighbors.
The letter cited the recent arrest of comedian Adi Ashkenazi in her Tel Aviv home for possessing a small amount of cannabis, and a recent police raid on a wedding held on a beach in the South, in which undercover officers arrested the groom for possessing a small amount of hashish. The groom was later released and allowed to rejoin his own wedding.
Meanwhile, during the early hours of Monday, officers from the southern police district’s Magen anti-drugs smuggling unit and Negev police received a tip on a vehicle carrying a large amount of drugs making its way northbound to the Central region.
Police set up a roadblock on Route 40 near Beit Kama. Officers stopped the vehicle and found large quantities of marijuana spread out on the back seat in bags. More drugs were found in the trunk. In total, 61 kilograms of cannabis were seized in the raid.
Two suspects, of the Beduin village of Segev Shalom, told police they planned on transporting the marijuana to the Central region.