PRC rescinds threat on Shalit's life

A Popular Resistance Committees spokesman rescinded a threat on Sunday that captured IDF soldier Cpl. Gilad Shalit's life was danger through the Gaza incursion and bombing of houses [in Gaza]," saying that despite the killing in Gaza, Shalit would not be harmed as a result. Earlier Sunday four Kassam rockets fired from northern Gaza struck Sderot, causing one person to suffer shock, and shattering hopes of a quick end to the widening IDF Gaza operation. In addition to the Kassam attack, an Israeli car was attacked south of Nablus by stone-throwing Palestinians. Although the car was damaged, the passengers managed to escape unharmed. Also Sunday, two anti-tank missiles were fired at IDF forces operating in the Gaza Strip. There were no reports of damage or casualties. Two other Palestinians were killed during clashes with IDF forces in Beit Hanun, Palestinian sources reported. Meanwhile, Islamic Jihad gunmen paraded two men suspected of collaborating with Israel through the streets of Gaza City. The gunmen said they would hand the suspects, who had hoods placed over their heads, over to the Palestinian Security Services.