Proposal submitted to help dog-owners make aliya

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has submitted a proposal to amend some of the current laws governing the import and storage of family pets. In a move recognizing the "integral role of dogs in the family," the changes are intended to make it easier for families emigrating to Israel to bring their dogs with them. Under the new rules, dogs classified as "dangerous" by the State would be allowed to accompany their owners home immediately, without being detained in a kennel, provided they are accompanied by an adult over 18, that they are neutered or spayed, and that they have lived with their owners at least one year prior to traveling. According to the Ministry, "postponing these changes is likely to leave many citizens with no alternative but to choose not to make aliya." The following dogs are classified as "dangerous" by the State: Bull Terriers, Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Argentinean Dogos, Rottweilers, Japanese Tosas, and Brazillian Pilas.