Protesters peacefully leave Sa-Nur

Follows threat by settlers to rebuild their former settlement; separate protest held near Hebron.

settlers fence 224.88 (photo credit: AP)
settlers fence 224.88
(photo credit: AP)
Right-wing activists and settlers who arrived at Sa-Nur in the West Bank on Friday morning, declaring their intentions to rebuild the former settlement, left the area in the early afternoon. Nearly 150 settlers came to the site and announced that they planned to remain there for Shabbat. Among the protesters were a dozen families who had been evacuated from the settlement during the disengagement. The IDF called up police reinforcements in order to evacuate the protesters, but they left of their own accord and did not resist the army's directives. In a separate incident on Friday morning, dozens of settlers blocked Kvasim junction, south of Hebron, to protest the army's plans to remove the roadblock there and to open the route to Palestinians. The protesters said that removing the checkpoint was dangerous, since numerous terror attacks had been carried out in the area, including one such attack five years ago in which three soldiers were killed.