Ra'anana to introduce anti-violence initiative

The city of Ra'anana has introduced a new city-wide initiative for the prevention of physical violence in the city's elementary schools. The initiative will set limits and uniform guidelines of action by school staff that will be implemented in the event of any violence. The reason for the initiative's introduction is the recent increase of violence among Ra'anana's youth. Ra'anana Mayor Nahum Hofri recently sent a letter to all parents of elementary school children in the city requesting that parents cooperate with the new city policy for coping with violent behavior. "Cooperation from you, the parents, is a main and significant component for the success of this policy, whose purpose is to firmly express our intolerance of violent behavior, to instill proper behavioral habits in children and to strengthen a sense of safety among our children," he wrote. The city-wide initiative will be implemented by a professional staff with the cooperation of the elementary education division of the Ministry of Education. The staff will outline and consolidate the initiative, which takes effect Thursday.
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