Rabbis eulogize yeshiva students

Unity is needed in Israeli society, Mercaz Harav High School head tells hundreds after shiva ends.

mercaz praying 224 88 (photo credit: AP)
mercaz praying 224 88
(photo credit: AP)
Rabbi Ovadia Yosef wrapped up a series of eulogies Thursday evening at Mercaz Harav Yeshiva in Jerusalem as the families of the eight yeshiva students murdered in last week's terror attack finished their first seven days of mourning. Yosef, spiritual leader of Shas and former chief Sephardi rabbi of Israel, encouraged the students of the yeshiva to continue to dedicate themselves to Torah study night and day. "Every single one of you must strive to become the greatest living Torah scholar," said Yosef. Hundreds packed into the study hall of the revered yeshiva, one of Israeli society's most influential institutions, which gave birth to the settlement movement in Judea, Samaria and Gaza and educated an avant garde of religious Zionist educators and spiritual leaders. Head of the yeshiva Rabbi Ya'acov Shapira, who repeatedly broke down in tears, called on his students to continue to disseminate Torah in all corners of the country "because the nation is thirsty for it." Rabbi Yerachmiel Weiss, the head of the Mercaz Harav High School where six of the eight victims were students, called on Israeli society to find a collective goal that would bring unity not just as a reaction to outside dangers, but as a positive "choice for life." Other rabbis who eulogized the boys included Chief Rabbi of Haifa She'ar Yishuv Hacohen and Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Yona Metzger.