Raed Salah's visit to Temple Mount passes peacefully

Islamic Movement leader frequently tells followers "al-Aksa is in danger."

raed salah 298 (photo credit: )
raed salah 298
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In coordination with police, the firebrand leader of the Islamic Movement in Israel visited the Temple Mount on Sunday, just two days after postponing a planned Friday visit, police said. Sheikh Raed Salah was freed from prison in July after serving two years for a series of security offense including financing Hamas activities, money laundering, membership in illegal organizations and holding contacts with hostile figures. The terms of Salah's release had bared him from entering Jerusalem until Thursday, but Israeli security officials had been opposed to the fiery leader's previous plans to come to the Temple Mount to pray at the El Aksa mosque on Friday, the most sensitive day of the week at the Jerusalem holy site. Salah, who heads the extremist northern branch of the Islamic Movement of Israeli Arabs, which denies Israel's very legitimacy, has repeatedly warned supporters that "Al-Aksa is in danger," and that Israeli extremists intended to attack the mosque at the Jerusalem holy site. The well-funded Islamic Movement have been underwriting major Wakf construction and renovation projects on the Temple Mount, as well as in mosques throughout Israel.