Ramon sorry accuser was harassed

Police: Private detectives may have been hired to damage H's credibility.

ramon and accuser 298.88 (photo credit: Channel 2)
ramon and accuser 298.88
(photo credit: Channel 2)
Vice Premier Haim Ramon published a statement Wednesday morning apologizing to "H" over the harassment she suffered after Ramon's ex-brother-in-law, Ephraim Kunda, allegedly hired private detectives to follow her. Ramon said he had no knowledge of Kunda's alleged actions, adding that he did not realize Kunda had apparently been more offended by the whole affair than Ramon himself. On Tuesday evening, police at the national headquarters said that due to a petition made by H, the plaintiff in Ramon's recent sexual harassment trial, police met with officials from the State Attorney's Office to discuss suspicions that H had been harassed following the trial. H's legal counsel had addressed their concerns to representatives of the State Attorney's Office, which reviewed the allegations and passed the information on to the police. On Tuesday, Police Intelligence and Investigation Division head Cmdr. Yochanan Danino met with State Attorney Eran Shendar to discuss the matter. Simultaneously, police confirmed the now overt investigation. In the course of the probe, detectives from the national fraud squad carried out searches in the offices of private detective agency Weizman Ya'ar, as well as in lead suspects' houses. Detectives said that from the investigation material gathered thus far, they believe that private investigators had been hired, possibly by Kunda, to gather evidence that would damage the credibility of H. The investigation uncovered suspicions that the detective agency had sent a female undercover investigator to befriend H and create the false impression that they would give her a job. Representatives of the agency are believed to have questioned former acquaintances of H, and to have recorded conversations in which H was a participant. Ramon's former brother-in-law was questioned by police late Tuesday. The suspects from the detective agency were all released on bail following their arrest and questioning. Police officers at national headquarters said they expected that the investigation would be concluded in the coming days and that the entire body of information on the case would then be handed over to the State Attorney's Office, where it would be decided whether or not to file indictments.