Readers send their prayers for Sharon [i]

Hundreds of readers around the world express their thoughts and support.

sharon prayer 224 88 ap (photo credit: AP)
sharon prayer 224 88 ap
(photo credit: AP)
You are invited to add add your own message of support to Ariel Sharon by filling out a talkback to this section. Copies of our readers' messages will be forwarded to the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem. Click to read more prayers for the prime minister sent in by readers: 1-200 I 201-400 I 401-600 I 601-800 I 801-1000 I 1001-1200 I 1201-1400 I 1401-1600 Send this email to a friend » I pray for you Yevgeny - USA 05/01/2006 08:18 My prayers are with you Sharon. you have been and are a great leader. i hope for everything to go well so you can get back on track into steering israel in the right direction towards peace and her safety. God Bless You Rajiv Gupta - INDIA 05/01/2006 06:08 I pray to god for good health of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. We all know that he is a fighter and will overcome this obstacle also. God Bless him and people of Israel. God be with you, Ariel Bob Smallwood - USA 05/01/2006 07:33 Christians join in with prayers for Ariel's recovery. Ariel Sharon Nathalie - Switzerland 05/01/2006 03:01 Que Hachem entende nos pri res et vous accorde de retrouver toute votre sant . Israel a besoin de vous.