Report: Boy was at Rada murder scene

Police to comb trash dump in Katzrin hoping to find new evidence.

tair rada 298.88 (photo credit: Channel 2)
tair rada 298.88
(photo credit: Channel 2)
Galilee police are expected to begin searching the Te'enim trash dump on Tuesday, hoping to find evidence connected to last month's murder of schoolgirl Ta'ir Rada in Katzrin. The decision to search the regional refuse facility between Hatzor and Amuka came after the Acre Magistrate's Court on Friday said more evidence was needed to extend the remand of suspected murderer Roman Zadorov. The police have not made public evidence that might incriminate Zadorov, and apparently are struggling to build a case against him. Tests of DNA samples from the scene were found to be inconclusive, and no murder weapon has been recovered. Last week, police said they believed Zadorov had disposed of his blood-soaked clothing and a knife in a trash can shortly after the murder. By the time he was arrested, the trash can had been emptied. Meanwhile, the Rada family was informed Monday by the private detective they hired that a boy may have been at the murder scene close to the time their daughter was killed. According to the detective's report, Rada, 14, had attempted to open a bathroom door when a boy's voice informed her that the stall was occupied. The detective also said three teenagers were reportedly picked up hitchhiking shortly after the murder. According to the detective, one of the three had not stopped crying, repeatedly saying: "What have I done? What did we do?" "I can't understand why the police, based on these latest reports, haven't pursued this [new suspect]," the Rada family's lawyer, Moshe Meroz, told Channel 2. Meroz said the police's insistence that Zadorov was the killer was puzzling. Last week, doubt was cast on the police investigation after the DNA tests were inconclusive. Earlier, Rada's mother said she did not believe Zadorov was the murderer. According to Channel 2, Northern District police sent the DNA samples to a laboratory in the United States for more tests. Channel 2 quoted police dismissing Zadorov's allegations that Rada had asked him for a cigarette. Police said students at the school had told investigators that the alleged confrontation between Zadorov and Rada had not begun over a cigarette.